Premium No. 1 Wild Pacific Ocean Run Sockeye Salmon is the ultimate in smoked salmon.

Carefully cured, lightly salted and slowly cold smoked for a rich distinctive flavour. Fully trimmed, boneless and thinly sliced for attractive and easy serving, customers praise its buttery flavour and silky texture.

Great for brunch, dinner or that special gathering.

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Frozen Smoked Salmon

Muy delicioso!
(Very Delicious)

- Dr Rosa V. / Melaque, Mexico
(Smoked Sockeye Salmon)

Oh, I love it!

- Herta L. / Klemkenhof, Germany
(Smoked Sockeye Salmon)

The cold smoked sockeye salmon is delicious and flavourful, the texture was moist and tender.

- Lynda V. / Cuenca, Ecuador
(Sliced Cold Smoked Sockeye Salmon)

Liked it a lot, enjoyable.

- Angela P. / Catania, Sicily, Italy
(Sliced Cold Smoked Sockeye Salmon)

Absolutely spectacular product!

- Ali K. / Dubai, United Arab Emirates
(Sweet Double Smoked Sockeye Strips)

I really love the peppery kick!!

- Fiona D. / Vancouver, Canada
(Indian Candy)


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Did You Know?

Frozen Smoked Wild Salmon maintains it’s quality up to 1 year if properly frozen in it’s original packaging. Once open and stored in the fridge, your fish should be enjoyed within 3 days.

Sliced Cold Smoked Sockeye Salmon - 85g / 3 oz.

Sockeye salmon is the best-known Pacific Northwest smoked salmon. You'll find our Cold Smoked Sockeye Salmon boasts an exceptionally rich flavour, reddish colour and firm texture.

Wild Sockeye Salmon, Salt, Sugar, Natural Wood Smoke

Recipe Ideas:
Eggs Benedict with a twist! A delicate yogurt and lemon sauce perfectly compliments the savory Cold Smoked Sockeye Salmon in our Salmon Eggs Benedict.

31 Reviews


Item No. 00001

Sliced Cold Smoked Sockeye Salmon - 200g / 7 oz.

This thinly sliced salmon is an exceptional treat for seafood lovers. Heart healthy with loads of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Wild Sockeye Salmon, Salt, Sugar, Natural Wood Smoke

Recipe Ideas:
Our Thai Salmon Salad combines sliced cold smoked sockeye salmon, thinly-sliced onions, tomatoes, and chopped fresh basil with a fragrant, hot and spicy Thai dressing.

31 Reviews


Item No. 00002

Sliced Cold Smoked Sockeye Salmon - 400g / 14 oz.

Wild Cold Smoked Sockeye Salmon is elegant enough to serve at your best cocktail party, but easy enough to make for any casual get together.

Wild Sockeye Salmon, Salt, Sugar, Natural Wood Smoke

Recipe Ideas:
If you are in the mood for Smoked Salmon, but want to do things a bit differently, try our Salmon Lasagna Rolls. Light, fresh, elegant and quite easy to put together too! You'll be surprised how elegant these look, great for that cocktail party where you want to impress your friends!

31 Reviews


Item No. 00004

Sweet Double Smoked Sockeye Strips - 227g / 8 oz.

Just a bit of our outrageously rich, wonderfully flavourful Double Sweet Smoked Sockeye Strips will set any gathering off on the right foot!

Wild Sockeye Salmon, Sugar, Salt, Natural Wood Smoke

Recipe Ideas:
Sweet Double Smoked Sockeye Strips are delicious on their own, or served up in our Smoked Salmon Nests to add a sweet twist to your appetizers.

32 Reviews


Item No. 01008

Indian Candy Salmon - 227g / 8 oz.

Indian Salmon Candy is a signature Pacific Northwest treat created and perfected by native coastal peoples. Hot smoked, sweet brined, and rolled in cracked peppercorns.

Wild Chum Salmon, Sugar, Salt, Black Pepper, Natural Wood Smoke

Recipe Ideas:
Wonton wrappers are not just for dumplings anymore. Try adding Indian Candy Salmon to our Salmon Wonton Cups. They are perfect for swanky cocktail parties, but easy enough for a Sunday snack with friends.

27 Reviews


Item No. 01002

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