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Texture was lovely and flaky.

- Jan B. / Winnipeg, Canada
(Maple Smoked Salmon, Shelf-Stable)

Very flavorful, good texture.

- Karen S. / Regina, Canada
(Sliced Smoked Sockeye Salmon, Frozen)

I like how easy it is to break apart. It’s very flavorful and I enjoy the spiciness. Usually most snacks hold back on the spice even when advertising a product flavor such as “Peppered”. This is Great!

- Jason V. / Vancouver, Canada
(Salmon Jerky Peppered)

I’m Philip LaPointe, founder of, a Canadian owned and operated seafood company. We are pleased to serve you whether you are a domestic or international customer.

My relationship with wild salmon goes back some 32 years when I was seven and had a summer job joining my dad on his fishing boat. By the time I finished high school, these summer adventures had become more than just a job. Fishing in the Pacific Northwest had become part of me.

Every season on the water was satisfying. We had nature as our constant companion. Long days, hard work and close friends, taught us the benefits of a close community and a strong work ethic. And we had the satisfaction of knowing that the plentiful salmon would sustain our families and our community.

But things changed in the 90’s. Large scale industrial fish farming began to make inroads into traditional markets for salmon and the effects, to say the least, were devastating. Thousands of independent fisherman, who for decades had relied upon the annual salmon runs to support their families and our communities, were suddenly unable to do so. I came to appreciate that sustainability has to be more than just about the salmon. It has to take into consideration the delicate balance between the people and the salmon. The fishing community must cooperate with nature if we are to sustain this valuable resource.

And like the fisherman, consumers were no better off. Today, finding high quality Salmon can be difficult and confusing. Is it wild or farmed? Where was it caught? How has it been handled? Just last month a local multi-national grocery store labeled Wild Salmon as “Made in China”. No wonder consumers are confused. I’m still trying to figure that one out.

The challenge is that Wild Smoked Salmon by its nature is a very delicate food that spoils easily when not handled properly. Our preparation process is special. Our fillets are specially brined, smoked to perfection and then vacuum-sealed under steam in a gold-foil pouch. This is called, “retorting”. This process allows smoked salmon to retain all its goodness and flavour for up to five years, without any preservatives being added.

At our core is a simple philosophy. Salmon is a fundamentally sound food. was built with this in mind. We bring benefit to both our customers and producers by providing the very best salmon and then delivering it worldwide at a fair price. Our prices won't be as low as some retailers selling wild Salmon ... and that's what shoppers who seek high quality and real value will expect. We earn about the same profit as most retail markets, but you enjoy seafood of much higher quality, delivered in a timely manner and at a perfectly fair price.

When you choose sustainably harvested Wild Salmon, you are choosing more that just a fine meal. You are promoting your health, the health of our coastal fishing communities, the environment in general and the precious wild salmon it sustains.

Keep in mind, we are REAL fisherman, like Gordy Johnson and Mike Denike. We know where our fish comes from. You can buy online, in our retail store, or in most international airports across Canada. We are not a brokerage, or multi-national corporation... we just sell fish and it is the best you can find ANYWHERE.

We invite you to Come Taste the Wild!

Philip LaPointe
Founder & President

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